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Necromancer vs. Paladin War and Game Engine Update.


Game Engine Update:

You can now set your equipment before you initiate into battle.  You may think that this makes the stat LUCK useless, but it's really doesn't affect its usefulness at all.  Even if you can set your equipment before the battle commences, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will attack first; it just prevents your opponent hitting you with a cheap shot when you're wearing the wrong resistances.

Necromancer vs. Paladin War:

Necromancers won the first war in 2006 - can they pull off another victory? Well, we are currently winning.  And, no, I didn't jump on the Necromancer bandwagon because they're winning -  I decided to aid the Necromancers long before the war started.  That, and the selfish reason of wanting to see the Necromancer Class being revamped.  A win in this war could make this revamp come quicker.
 *grins impishly *

Breath of the Ice Lord:

New to the Frostval shop!  This is apparently the best ice spell in the game! I am not a Mage, so I haven't bought it or tested it.  From looking at the stats, it is pretty evident that it's the best ice spell.