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New Layout for this site!

The old site looked too ugly and needed a huge makeover. I really like these cute little Anime pictures in this layout.... Read More

Taking Requests

Any ideas or suggestions for my next video? I listen to all suggestions and usually act upon them..... Read More

Original Music

All the videos hosted on this site should have their original music tracks before they got altered by YouTube. Daily Motion is an awesome video site, but it doesn't get nowhere near as much traffic as YouTube *sigh*Read More

AdventureQuest's 10th Anniversary

AdventureQuest's 10th Anniversary exceeded all my expectations and was really fun to be a part of... Read More

Second Channel

I may create a secondary channel to upload my non-Adventure Quest related stuff. Maybe I will one day, maybe not.... Read More

PUREvil - Looking Daggers

An awesome new EDM track! Enjoy!

Read More →