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New Layout for this site!

The old site looked too ugly and needed a huge makeover. I really like these cute little Anime pictures in this layout.... Read More

Taking Requests

Any ideas or suggestions for my next video? I listen to all suggestions and usually act upon them..... Read More

Original Music

All the videos hosted on this site should have their original music tracks before they got altered by YouTube. Daily Motion is an awesome video site, but it doesn't get nowhere near as much traffic as YouTube *sigh*Read More

AdventureQuest's 10th Anniversary

AdventureQuest's 10th Anniversary exceeded all my expectations and was really fun to be a part of... Read More

Second Channel

I may create a secondary channel to upload my non-Adventure Quest related stuff. Maybe I will one day, maybe not.... Read More

Biggest Fan Contest!

I have been playing and enjoying Adventure Quest for 11 years, since 2004, and I don't plan on quitting any time soon. I've been checking the daily updates on Thursday ever since I first started playing. I have gone through numerous jobs, colleges, girlfriends and a few unpleasant real life situations, but I have never quit playing AQ. I see this game as an escape from the problems life throws at you.

In 2006, I originally started creating Adventure Quest videos on Myspace and Spike. These videos were extremely short and were created merely to showcase a weapon's special attack, or showcasing the animation of a new armour to members of the official AE forums. Just one year later, I randomly felt like uploading a video to a new video website called Youtube. At the time, there weren't really any Adventure Quest videos on that site at all - maybe 10 at the most. I wanted to record myself reaching level 130 on an Adventurer and have a video memento of myself doing so. I did so, but then I deleted that video and re-made it into a video of me battling 5 tough enemies that you encounter at level 130. The video can be seen here:  This video got an insane amount of views and promoted Adventure Quest heavily. At this point in time, the video has received 747,848 views.
In 2007, you had to be a Guardian to battle against Wolfwing, so I spent about 10 months leveling up a Guardian account purely so I could battle against Wolfwing. I only had an Adventurer at the time and I didn't want to upgrade that account because I liked the challenge you got from being an Adventurer. I like the fact that you were deprived of some of the best items in the game. When I finally got a chance to battle Wolfwing, I got destroyed by him over and over and over, but I didn't give up. After about 2 months of studying nearly every item ever released, I came up with a winning strategy that involved using the Twilly guest and a healing weapon called BlackBones. The actual battle against Wolfwing took between 8 and 10 hours in total to finish. It takes a huge amount of dedication and commitment to spend so many hours to defeat just one opponent.
The video can be seen here:

8 years later, I am still making videos about Adventure Quest and still a huge fan of the game.

I have a fan site for Adventure Quest, where I talk  about new item releases and old memories about the game here:

I am also  part of multiple Adventure Quest fan communities:
The Adventure Quest Unleashed Facebook group:
An Adventure Quest Google + group that I am a mod of:

Character Pages: 

Youtube channel:

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