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Lucretia's Potions, Witch Waster and Witch Hunter

 Witch Waster

 Another melee water weapon?  *groans immensely*

We are already over-saturated with melee water weapons. Here's a few level 150 ones I have in my inventory right now:  Moglord Axe,  Serrated Sacragon Spur and DainashiniWhat makes this weapon any different than the others? This weapons will become rare (unobtainable) after a week, so it's a good novelty  item for rare hunters. It doesn't have a special attack and has very high BTH (bonus to hit)

Witch Hunter

I don't see any reason to buy this armor for 13860 Z-Tokens.  It's an energy armor that has no distinctive advantage over Taladosian Robes. We have come to the point of the game's progress where all new mono-element armors are obsolete. More dual-element armors are needed, instead of these interchangeable, mono-element armors. Either that, or give these armors a unique SP attack built into them.
The art is great - I have nothing else do say.

Lucretia's Potions 

After grinding for the required ingredients for 20 minutes, I quickly checked the forums for  information each on potion; after doing so, I was extremely underwhelmed and I instantly stopped grinding for these potions.  These potions are simply not worth the time investment that's required to obtain each potion.


In the future, The Dead-Eye Straight potion seems like the only potion that would be useful. It adds a little bonus to your accuracy.

Maybe these potion are just here to just lay the foundation and see what's probable in the future? They can always expand and add more potions.