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New video coming soon! New games!


I have finally finished all of the potion quests!  As you all know, these quests take FOREVER to complete. I put myself off doing these quest for far too long! At least now, I can buy any of the 6 potions, whenever I like - I just need to find an interesting way to showcase them in a video.  *scratches head*
I have a few video recordings of boss fights that I've accumulated over time.  I'll probably mash everything together into one video.

In other news: I've created a few more games for my secondary site: 
The games include: a new Angry Birds type game, and a Metal Sonic game!  

I am quite happy with the amount of traffic that site is getting at the moment. It's invigorating to get an increase of traffic to that site and to receive a bit of positive feedback. Yeah, it nothing do to with Adventure Quest, but I don't want to be a one-trick-pony that can only produce Adventure Quest videos. It's highly advised to evolve and try to be productive in other projects and ideas.  Be like Ponyta and evolve into Rapidash!

One day, when I get better at creating games, I want to make a story driven, RPG game. The game will be a single player game that you'll play in your web-browser.  The game with have no leveling, but you'll need to use tactics to win each fight.  Either that, or I'll try and create an anime style bullet-hell game.