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Undead Archer: A New Darkness Pet! New Potions Coming Soon?

The "Saving Lucretia" quest has being updated, with new artwork; higher level enemies and a new reward shop!  All the enemies are pretty easy! Their primary element is darkness, so just tank up in your high darkness defense gear and breeze through them all.

 The reward is this darkness pet:

This would be cool, if only we didn't have a barrage of darkness pets already. It's still better than the reward we originally got for this quest. You remember that old reward, right? The big nothing?! Today's release was nothing but a teaser for the new potions that are getting released in the future.  At this time, we only have HP and MP potions.   Not only will these two potions get redesigned, but we have also been told that there will be some new additional potions being added to the game!  As of yet, no spoilers on these new potions have been revealed ... yet.

Here's a few speculations/ ideas I have for potions:

SP Potion:  Gives you between 100-200 SP back.

Exploding Potion:  A potion that you can throw at your opponent to cause damage to them

Status effect potions These can inflict status effects like freezing and paralysing

Accuracy potions:  Gives you more BTH (bonus to hit)

Stat potions:  Potions that increase your stats temporary, for the duration of the battle.  

 Maybe ... *takes a deep breath* .... maybe they can add some potions that cost Z-Tokens?  I really hope not, but it is a possibility, I guess. 

Should I create a video about the new potions, or should I create a website post? free polls 


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