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Is the END stat getting nerfed?


I keep hearing that the END (endurance) stat point is getting weakened, when in fact, it's being amplified... well, kind of.  Let me explain:   the END update will increase the base HP the player receives.  So, hypothetically speaking, pretend you have 0 END - after the update, you have more END than you did before.  You probably know this, but when you increase your level, your base HP and MP increases.

Now, you're going to get you less HP for each stat point you have trained in  END, but with the base HP increase, you should still have more HP than what you started with. I currently have 150 END, which gives me 2125 HP.  I am expecting to have around 2500 HP after the update.

I wonder if the monsters will have less HP, or more HP after this update?  I really hope they make battles more challenging and not easier. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure the formula will be adjusted so that END points give less HP. About the base/starting HP change I concur.