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Zombie Master Set.

Zombie Heart

After waiting for many years, Adventurers finally have a -10 darkness misc item in their grasp! The level 135 and level 145 versions both offer -10 to darkness.  My Adventurer is very out-dated; this will certainly modernise it a bit.  The misc item also offers  +10 Bleed Resist and +10 Fear Resist.   I don't know of any enemies that attack with these status effects, thus resulting in these resists being useless.   I wouldn't recommend buying it if you're a Guardian.

Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor

This armor currently offers the best wind resistance in the game:  40% Wind.
 Buy it now!  It's going rare soon!  It also has some fantastic art!  It doesn't have a built-in SP attack, like most new armors, but it doesn't really matter. However, it does gain +6 BTH (bonus to hit) if you're wielding an axe.

Zombie Axe Master Shield 

 It offers -21 wind and -21 darkness.   It receives an extra +5 to blocking when you have an axe equipped.
 The extra +5 to blocking is pretty much useless.


This wind pet has a chance of preventing your opponent from doing Lucky Strikes in their attacks.  This is a very interested concept.   It also does high wind damage.

Zombie Master Axe 

When you kill enemies with this weapon, you can  absorb their souls.   Doing this gives you an extra + 10% damage boost.  Even with the damage boost, it still isn't that impressive.  In my humble opinion,  Rx for Destruction is a much better melee wind weapon.  Rx for Destruction  has a 20% rate special that can paralyse your opponent.


 This spell element-seeks between Wind and Darkness damage.

It has a nice animation - that's all I can say.  I've stopped using spells a long time ago.

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