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Adventure Quest Memories

 Adventure Quest Auctions?!

Remember when you could auction your items for gold?  You heard me correctly!  There used to be a website where could buy and sell your items for gold.  Unfortunately,   this website quickly became abandoned after it was eating up too much of the AQ staff's time.  This auction was not automatic and they had to manually perform each trade from accessing the game's database.

Good new:  the website is still up it you want to check it out, for curiosity sake.
 It is quite interesting to read all the posts from 2005/2006.

No stat un-trainer?

Imagine not being able to untrain any of your stat points.  Once you've trained your stats, you could no longer change them.  When you first start playing the game, you usually put your stats points anywhere, without fully knowing what each stat does.   A lot of players used their first character has a testing ground and would later create a second character to assign their desired stats accordingly.

Golden Set.

This set is now called the "Communicant Set.'" It was the first ever uber/ master-crafted set in game. 

Dragon Hand.

In around 2004, this weapon  was accidentally put into Yulgar's store for about half an hour.  Only a few people managed to snatch up this item before the staff noticed this error and took it out the store.
At the time, this item was immensely strong.  In terms of damage,  it surpassed every other item in the game.  This error produced an uproar from the players on the forums, resulting in the forums having to be shutdown for a few days.  It was later added as a donation item - then later added into the Z-token shop.

Donation items.

You know that you can upgrade your account to a Guardian by paying real life money, right? Well, if you did that multiple times, you could revive some great perks within the game.

Yearly Gift Boxes

Every year, these gift boxes are released and opened at the end of each year.  Many people think that they're exclusively for Guardians.  In 2007, any player could buy the  gift boxes, even Adventurers!
Remember Avalanche Extreme? The gift box spell from 2005? This was put into the Frostval shop on the world map, thus enabling Adventurers to purchase it.