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What did PUREvil get for Christmas? (It was hard write this title with a straight face)

Two people asked me this, so prepare yourself for this rather un-compelling post. The cool thing being, them two will probably never visit this site to read the post.

I revived a PSP game called Disgaea.  I knew this game was extremely difficult to play, but wow! I endorse developers making their games a challenge, but you get threw into the deep end as soon as you start the game. It's like Final Fantasy Tactics, with the difficulty put up about ten  notches. A game I'll surely go back to in a few weeks... months... years...    

 To put the mind at ease, I also got the Xbox 360 game called Bullet Soul;  A Bullet Hell game.   I have an acquired taste these kind of games. It's brutally difficult, but it's so much fun at the same time. :D

You have to dodge all them blue dots on the screen.

Something that may interest you more: I  now own an HD camera! I just hope the sound recorder on it  is adequate.  I hated using the Xbox Live headset with its rubbish sound quality. I used to have to speak really loud for it to pick up any sound.   I hope this camera will be good for my future videos.   It's a shame that it has an internal battery that cannot be changed. 

The rest of my gifts were just clothes and stuff - nothing worth talking about.