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My Build, Paid Servants, And More.

These new entities make me really proud of my Beast Master build. I don't heavily promote my build to prevent the game being over-saturated with players using it.   I like to keep it a little a bit obscure to the world.  Most people will totally dismiss this build because it's doesn't do highest hits, but with the player's attack;  guests' attacks and the pet's attack accumulated, it does some of the most damage capable in one turn.  Of course, this is excludes the use of  SP attacks and class abilities

When the monsters finally get swept, (buffed and updated stats) builds without max LUCK and DEX will become obsolete. What's the point of being able to pull of high damage if the monster dodges all your attacks? Yeah, it looks pretty to do high  damage in videos, but it's all flash and no substance. Yeah, cool, you've done a few high damaging Lucky Strikes, but do you do that amount of damage with every attack?  Cutting all the low damage hits out you video just gives the false  illusion that you do that kind of damage every turn. I try to make my videos look spontaneous and not contrived

   I don't have any STR because I don't think the damage bonus warrants giving up 200 stats points for.  These days, INT is also kind of  lackluster. To do real damage with INT, you need to be using the abilities of the "Wizard Robes." Wearing the robes makes you immensely vulnerable to attacks from your opponent; potentially you getting killed from one strong attack.  I find using SP attacks to be a much more viable option than using spells.  As for healing, 
Transmogrified Water of Immortality is an SP misc item that serves me well - that, as well as using the pet  Fairy Godmother  to gain an additional 100-120 HP back every turn.


When you're level 150, 4- 6k gold should be peanuts to you. It's a good idea to use this guest in conjunction with the Nightmaregon pet, to help keep your SP high.  If you fight a monster with low stats and resistances, it possible to keep them frozen for the entirety of the fight. Be warned, this guest has awful BTH (Bonus To Hit).

                                         Shogun & Ansatsu 

It may cost a lot of gold to repeatable use this guest, but it's worth it for the extra 200- 300 damage per turn. I would only use this only difficult bosses.

The Full Assault ability is a wind and fire attack.