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I have been playing and enjoying Adventure Quest for 11 years, since 2004, and I don't plan on quitting any time soon. I've been checking the daily updates on Thursday ever since I first started playing. I have gone through numerous jobs, colleges, girlfriends and a few unpleasant real life situations, but I have never quit playing AQ. I see this game as an escape from the problems life throws at you.

In 2006, I originally started creating Adventure Quest videos on Myspace and Spike. These videos were extremely short and were created merely to showcase a weapon's special attack, or showcasing the animation of a new armour to members of the official AE forums. Just one year later, I randomly felt like uploading a video to a new video website called Youtube. At the time, there weren't really any Adventure Quest videos on that site at all - maybe 10 at the most. I wanted to record myself reaching level 130 on an Adventurer and have a video memento of myself doing so. I did so, but then I deleted that video and re-made it into a video of me battling 5 tough enemies that you encounter at level 130. The video can be seen here:  This video got an insane amount of views and promoted Adventure Quest heavily. At this point in time, the video has received 747,848 views.
In 2007, you had to be a Guardian to battle against Wolfwing, so I spent about 10 months leveling up a Guardian account purely so I could battle against Wolfwing. I only had an Adventurer at the time and I didn't want to upgrade that account because I liked the challenge you got from being an Adventurer. I like the fact that you were deprived of some of the best items in the game. When I finally got a chance to battle Wolfwing, I got destroyed by him over and over and over, but I didn't give up. After about 2 months of studying nearly every item ever released, I came up with a winning strategy that involved using the Twilly guest and a healing weapon called BlackBones. The actual battle against Wolfwing took between 8 and 10 hours in total to finish. It takes a huge amount of dedication and commitment to spend so many hours to defeat just one opponent.
The video can be seen here:

8 years later, I am still making videos about Adventure Quest and still a huge fan of the game.

I have a fan site for Adventure Quest, where I talk  about new item releases and old memories about the game here:

I am also  part of multiple Adventure Quest fan communities:
The Adventure Quest Unleashed Facebook group:
An Adventure Quest Google + group that I am a mod of:

Character Pages: 

Youtube channel: