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New Build and Videos.


 The END stat has been nerfed and it is now rendered as near useless.  As a result of this END nerf, I have untrained all my END.

 My old build was:

STR : 0
DEX: 200
INT: 0
END: 150
CHA: 200
LUCK: 200

My new build is:

STR : 200
DEX: 200
INT: 0
END: 0
CHA: 150
LUCK: 200
I will probably change my STR to 190 and my CHA to 160.  I am too lazy to do it at the moment. ^_^

Next month, I will be spending 4000 tokens to get some more of the Golden Gift Boxes. I will make a video if I get at least one of the new items. I may create a video about the new Knight class - it depends on how good it is and how video worthy the class is.

Check out my Slender Man game at:;1