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New faces for the new year.

Happy new year and all the other usual formalities!   

This new face just came out to celebrate the new year. It's currently in Warlic's shop for 500 Z-Tokens and will be available until January 14th.   As this face is kind of ugly looking and just a novelty item, I'll be giving it a miss.   Feel free to buy it if you like having light bulbs around your head

Of course, the opening of the gift boxes got delayed.  They never actually open on new year's day like they are advertised to do so.  The gift delivery counter is currently on 36% completion;  I estimate them to be open on Saturday or Sunday.   I  never fully understood while we deliver gifts, when we already have the gift boxes in our inventories.  What are we actually delivering to these houses? It's fun, so who cares?  It does make people more eager to see what's inside them when they prolong the opening of them.

Anyone made any new year's resolutions?  I have a few:  I want to persuade myself to go back to college to learn art or computer graphics.  My biggest weakness is that I don't have an ounce of  artistic talent.  It'll be a good perk to be able to draw Manga style images.  I also want to produce a flash game of good quality.  None of the games I've created so far have really been that great.

A few trivial resolutions:  I want to create my gift box video for Adventure Quest, and I want to do that commentary video that I said I'll make.



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