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The History of the Unbeatables in Adventure Quest

The history of the unbeatables in Adventure Quest.


There has been three different versions of her in the game; the first two versions of her were classed  as unbeatables, but the third one wasn't.  The first version of her had   120,000 HP and has NEVER been beat
by anyone.  Although,  it was 2007, and our equipment was primitive at that time. If she was still in the game, I'm pretty sure she'll have been beat by now.

 Jump to 5:20 in the video to see her:

The second versions of her has around 12,000HP. She seemed exactly the same as before, but with a tenth of her original HP. See video here: 

Her third version had just 3,000 HP; with a more brutal draining attack. The third version  is quite a push-over,  and it is possible to kill her in one strong attack from the player.

Jump to 5:20 in the video: 


Loco is fightable each year on April Fools' day.  In 2010, we met him for the first time.  He was supposed to have a Mana draining attack that he used after all his MP was used up - however, his draining attack was buggy and didn't work as intended.  To beat him, all you had to do was endure all his attacks until  his MP was  used up, then he was nothing but a punching bag for players.  A few days later, his draining attack got fixed, and was all given higher damage output, plus better resistances.

This is the first version of Loco:

Here is the second version:


He has a few weak incarnations that are level 25, level 60, level 140 and level 145..
You shouldn't have any problems beating the level 145 version - seriously, he has about 3,000 HP and a weak damage output. Here's a video of me fighting him: 

The level version people class as being an unbeatable is the level 500 one. He was released during the  "The Beginning of the End" war which was part of the "Devourer Saga"  He was beat by Zeruel as few days after he became fightable. This victory made him into one of the most popular Adventure Quest players of all time.

However, there is another version of Nightbane which was put into the Void about a year prior to this.
People call him "Void Nightbane."

His damage output was in the same caliber as Carnax and Chillax.  


Chillax was fightable during Frostval 2011. He's basically a clone of Carnax one-on one.

His description sums him up perfectly: "20 gold says that you'll be dead by the time you finish reading this description."

Here's a video:


When he was first released, he was immensely weak  He was essentially a carbon copy of the "Headless Horseman"   About half of a day later, he was given his own stats and identity,  and therefore, he was made him into the unbeatable we know him as today.  No video was ever made of the original Xyphos, but Zeruel was the first person to beat the second version of him.  The victory came the same day that Xyphos was released.  Can we really call it an "unbeatable" if he's defeated the same day as his release?

The Galin

Him and Wolfwing are, even to this day, are probably the two most difficult "beatable" fights in Adventure Quest.  What makes The Galin so difficult? His unpredictability. Sometimes he attacks you just once, and other times he attacks you about five times in a row, with Void damage.  Void damage can not be nullified or blocked.  Many people beat him using the overpowered weapon "Zardwarts Sturdy Wand"- however,  the player ReignShadow was the first person to beat him without using this weapon.


Wolfwing was once a weak 3,000 health boss, but later on, he got turned into an unbeatable.  He was unbeatable for around two years, before I  finally beat him.   The equpiment in 2008  was very primitive and we had no choice but to take a huge amount of damage from Wolfwing every time he attacked.  These days, you can get 5%  resistance to darkness damage - resulting in all Wolfwing's attacks doing a tiny amount of damage.  Wolfwing first became a push-over after the "Ancient Darkness Dragon Form" was released.

Here's a video of the first win on Wolfwing:
Carnax one-on-one.

This guy was once beatable by simply freezing him with the Wizard Robes class, then using  the Dragon Slayer class ability named: "Call Forth The Dragon."  At the time, this ability was extremely broken and would one hit K.O. Carnax.  This was before YouTube was around, thus resulting in no videos of this being known.  Not long later, the ability to freeze Carnax got removed, resulting him never being beat again. Here's a video of the old Carnax:

He was later buffed and nerfed at the same time.  His attack damage became heavily increased  but his HP got cut down. His original HP was about 270 million and his new HP was just 300,000.  I believe the reason for this is because the huge numbers caused  huge amounts of stress on the servers. Either that, or cheating players used to farm him.

In 2010, the PetaSnide misc was released and it was quite buggy.  I don't want to go into detail, but it would let you raise your STR and END to 3000. Many people took advantage of this and took down Carnax.

See video for detail:


No matter what you do, he always has 1 HP remaining. You can put him down to 0 HP for around half of a second using  "The Decimator's" special attack, but he doesn't die when you do so.

 Jump to 1:01 in the video to see Ramleoness:


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