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Does the majority hate difficult games?

 There really isn't new in Adventure Quest that's worth talking about. I'll make regular posts when there are things to talk about. 

Before making YouTube videos, I used to make online Java Games.  They weren't exactly masterpieces, but regardless, I am proud of what I accomplished with them.  Most the games are Sonic clones or spin-off games.  I find that the games work best when using Google Chrome. 

My old website:

The site is named Sonic Black because I am a huge fan of "Sonic" and the "Ninja Gaiden Black"  game. The site is an obvious combination of two names.   

Something I've noticed from the feedback from the games:  the harder the game was, the more disliked it would be.  If the game is easy, then it'll get positive feedback.  People tend to blame their inadequacy to beat a game on the actual game itself, rather than to try and learn how the game's mechanics work and to learn from their mistakes.  This is clearly evident when your watch "Let's Play" videos on YouTube. I'd say around 90% of them are by idiots that scream at screen and rage like  psychopaths whenever they get killed/defeated in a game.   If you die in a game... maybe it's.... um... your fault? 

So if you ever plan on making  your own game, make sure it's an easy game.  Difficult games rarely ever become popular.  The "Adventure Quest" team were very smart in making "Adventure Quest Worlds" into a very basic game that anyone can play.