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Unbeatable Wolfwing Level 450 - Defeated Without GA


*How the fight was won*

First i used " Scrambler Beam" to get his Energy and Darkness defences to 110.

Afer that i was using the Obsidian Cloaks Berserker ability "Fear" to lower all of his Ranged,Magic Melee defences to 0. I had the weapon "Water Drop Mace" equipped while doing this because it doesn`t have a special like Darklaw does.

With that done, i then used NerfKitten and the Berserker abilities "Nightmare visage" and "Crush" to lower all of his STR, DEX, INT points by abit.

While doing all of this i was using "Fairy Godmother" and "Sila Staff" to keep my HP and MP up.

*A few small details about the Twilly guest*

This guest has a 50% chance of giving you +20 MP, this MP can also put you well over your MP cap as far as you want.

To get Twilly do the Epic Quest number 15 on the world map.

*Fun part, raking up MP*

Using the darkness weapon "BlackBones"+ the pet "Fairy Godmother" to keep your HP up, and just let Twilly build up your MP as high as you can.

If you can`t survive on these two, then raise your END abit.

BTW it take about 10+ hours to get about 80k+ MP, so it`s best to multi task and watch a movie or something at the same time.

As you know, speeding up a 10 hour video into 5mins doesn`t look very pertty, so here is the Twilly MP raking process in four 20min parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

*Unleash everything*

When you think your MP is high enough, fire everything at Wolfwing, pets,guests spells, with about 80k MP, you can`t lose :p

*Some extra information*

When i first tryed this fight i kind of messed up.

I used the misc item "Koofu Kaller" for a summon guest, forgetting i would need equip "Head of Raydius Dragon" again after which takes up MP and resets it.

I didn`t want to record the whole thing again becuase it lags my computer up too much, so on from 4:55 in the fight/ Part 4 in them links, is actually a different fight carried on from where i left off before.
I just started recording again once i got to about 100k MP.

*My Stats*

INT 200
CHA 130
END 200


Twilly is not a bug in any form.

Twilly has even got a encyclopedia entry saying he can raise you above your MP/HP cap, and it`s been like this 3 years+
"Type: Guest
Location: Epic Quest 15; Greenguard Forest; The Trouble with Trobbles; The Hatch Mt. Thrall - Pod 1 Flashback

Hits: 1
Element: Earth
Type: Melee
Damage: 1-5
BTH: +0%
Rate: ???

You heal 20 HP and MP. This can heal you over your max HP/MP.
Rate: ??? "

*** The Full Fight **