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Adventure Quest - Level 130 on an Adventurer

Video of fighting 5 of the hardest bosses in the game from 2 years ago.

ArMegoggon, Dweezel the Dragon, Kel-Al Relish Jr, NerfKitten, The Elder Void Wyrm..



The game is called Adventure Quest, URL = either or

*Songs used*

1st Song= Bad Religion -
Sinister Rouge
2nd Song= Bad Religion -
3rd Song= Bad Religion -

*Money/ Exp*

A good way to get $$$ is from Nightbanes Fortress using the temp Darklaw to kill stuff
fast.... My personal fav...

*Weapons used*

Granite Edge, Raynars Ultimate Blade and ReignBringer


Reign the Red and Gold armor and Shadow Cloak which was used on the first fight are both found from the Alnaphar Quest on World Map...


Gogg is a old Ztoken item which was removed and replaced with Pumpkin Golem which is
just as good..

*Change menu colors*

Click the diagonal bar that connects from your attack menu to your name to change the
menu colors